Wealth management: a sales pitch

If You

  • Are not satisfied by the performance of your investments and looking for higher returns and lower risk
  • Have at least 50K USD available for trading
  • Already have or can open a trading account at Interactive Brokers

Do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Our services come without any small print and upfront costs.
  • We charge flat annual management fees. Management fees are charged only if our clients make money. Our fees is low because we keep our costs low while making our clients richer.
  • Your money remains safely in Your account and under Your name at Interactive Brokers protected by the AAA insurance of one of the best low cost US brokerages.
  • We trade only highly liquid assets. We trade exclusively on the US markets which are by far the safest and most liquid markets in the world. This allows You to close all or some of the positions at any moment and withdraw the cash without any need to notify us.
  • We demonstrate very consistent results and low risks when comparing with popular benchmarks.
  • Our team consists of experts with decades of experience of work at the trade desks in tier 1 European and US investment banks.

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